Monday, 6 February 2017

Being Single On Valentines Day

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So we're now in February and as you all know valentines day is this month, on the 14th. Valentines Day to me has always just been another way for retailers to boost their takings, even when i've been in a relationship on valentines day i've never really seen the point in making it into a big deal. In my opinion you don't need a specific day to show your significant other how much you love them. 

For me, this year i'll be spending valentines day alone as i'm single, through my own choice, however i don't think us single lot should be forgotten about on the 14th. So here are a few tips of what to do if you're single on valentines day.

Luckily it falls on a week day this year so most people will be at work or be busy throughout the day so it doesn't feel as much of a big deal.

My first tip would be to have a movie night. Get yourself some snacks, a bottle of wine maybe and make a list of some of your favourite films and snuggle up and watch them.

Next i'd suggest having a pamper night. Get some nice bath salts, bombs or bubbles, your favourite scented candle, create yourself a playlist of all your favourite songs and have a long hot soak. Go buy yourself some beauty products, hair masks, face masks, do your nails. Just spend some time for yourself.

You could always have a galentines day. Spend the day with your closest girlfriends, if they are single of course. I think this is my favourite thing to be honest.

You could go out to dinner with friends. Spend some time catching up with them. Guys or girls, invite them all.

Or if you wish you could just go about your day as normal. You don't have to do anything at all.

Again as i said earlier i feel as though valentines day is just an overrated day for retailers to make more money off the public, so if you are feeling down that you're alone this valentines day just remember that it's nothing to do with you and it isn't a big deal.

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