Monday, 20 February 2017

Having My Hearing Restored?

Hello Lovelies
Welcome back to my blog.

Yes, it's true i'm having surgery and i couldn't be any more excited if i wanted to be. Don't get me wrong i am extremely anxious about it but it's going to improve my life so much.

So lets start from the beginning, about three or four years ago i noticed i was losing my hearing, i struggled a lot to hear what people were saying to me and it became quite embarrassing. I went to my GP surgery after a few months and explained what had been happening to which i was just given a phone number to book an appointment to have my ears syringed. 

I saw numerous doctors at my surgery about this issue and they all gave me the same answer, however four years later i finally got the help i needed. The doctor i saw was my doctor, who i'd had since i was born and he told me that having my ears syringed wouldn't help at all and he referred me to ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) service. 

I had my initial appointment with them, they had me do a hearing test and just explain my symptoms to them, once i'd done the test i was told that i had severe hearing loss in my right ear and minor hearing loss in my left ear. She explained to me that she would refer me on to see a consultant to discuss possible treatments for this hearing loss.

When i went to see the consultant he asked me a number of questions regarding my hearing loss and also put a camera up my nose to see if there was anything going on there which could be causing this issues, as of course your ears, nose and throat are all linked together. This consultant told me that the best possible treatment for me is to have surgery. Of course hearing that i had mixed emotions, i was happy that there was something they could do for me, to restore my hearing but i was also anxious and i still am because although i've had open heart surgery, i was only six months old when i had it so i don't remember any of it, other than that i've had no surgeries. I have the biggest fear of needles and canulas, which if you don't know what that is, it's what they put into your hand or arm so that they can give you medications and in my case they'll be able to give me an anaesthetic before my surgery and any painkillers following it. 

The actual surgery i am having is bilateral grommet insertion, a biopsy of the postnasal space and i'm having fluid removed from my ear. It all sounds pretty scary and it is, for me but at the end of the day it'll be worth it, when i can finally hear properly again.

The surgery itself is just a day thing and i should be allowed home the same day once the anaesthetic has worn off, which i'm happy about as i hate hospitals and would not be impressed about staying there over night. 

Whilst my surgery date is yet to be confirmed, i have a post op consultation and the hospital where i'll be having it done on the 14th March, all that's basically for is to explain everything to me in more detail and for me to ask any questions i may have. I'm not expecting to have my surgery any time soon, as its not an emergency so i'll be put on a waiting list, however i am sure i will have it done at some point throughout this year. 

A lot of people close to me are excited for me, i think they're more excited for themselves if anything...I'll finally be able to hear them and they won't have to repeat themselves constantly. 
This is a huge deal for me and despite my anxieties about the surgery itself i cannot wait to be able to have my hearing back to full capacity. 

I'm so so happy that i'm finally getting this issue resolved.
I'll keep you all updated with any further information i'm given regarding my surgery.
I hope you have all had a lovely start to your week.