Thursday, 16 March 2017

Is ABH worth the hype?

Hello Lovelies.
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So, does Anastasia Beverly Hills live up to the hype, short answer yes, long answer continue reading to see a few reviews of the products i've bought off them so far.

I'd seen so many people online raving about ABH and i needed to try it for myself. I was not disappointed.

I bought two of these in the shades Riviera and Starlight. They are so pigmented and show amazingly. The darker one 'Riviera' I've used mostly as a bronzing powder and i really do think it looks amazing. The lighter one 'Starlight' i've used as a highlight again amazing. I'm not usually one to buy 'high end' products really however once i've used these i will definitely be repurchasing them. They so worth the money. I love that they have a decent size mirror in the compact as well and you can easily just slip it into your handbag. 

I mostly use this as a eye shadow palette, because the colours are so beautiful. Again as well as the illuminators they are really pigmented and have great colour show off once you've applied them. I don't know why i wanted this palette so much to be honest, i think it was the packaging that drew me in first. It's gorgeous. It reminds me of mermaids or unicorns, something along those line. 

So i bought yet another glow kit, i mean you can never have too many right? This has four gorgeous colours in it, you have bronzed which is the top left, summer which is the top right, tourmaline which is the bottom left and moonstone which is the bottom right. I try not to use this as much and save it for 'special occasions' because i love it so much it feels wrong to use it and mess it up. The pigmentation on this is incredible. The size of the palette itself although it doesn't look so on the picture is huge, its a lot bigger than i expected it to be. It's worth the price. You get what you pay for with this.

I've only tried out two of these from them however i do think i will be purchasing some more colours. 
The top one is in the shade Milkshake. Now usually i'm not one to go for such a pinky toned lipstick, i'm more of a darker plumb colours or a bright red lip. However i saw this online and i couldn't not get it; i wanted to branch out with some more summery colours and that's why i purchased this. 

The colour is amazing, and as i said earlier i'm usually one to go for a darker lip so for me to like it is a big deal. 

The next colour i got which is the one in the bottom of the photo i couldn't tell you what the shade is as the sticker has come off so i apologise but this is definitely a more me colour. I actually bought this off one of those secondary selling websites, you know the ones i mean, they usually buy the product from the US and then sell it in the UK to cut customs costs. 

The formula for these liquid lipsticks are amazing, they're fast drying, little to no transfer and they don't dry your lips out like some others do. They have such a wide range of colours that you'd definitely find a colour that you'd fall in love with.

First of all my apologies for how rank this looks but its my most used product and i usually just throw it in my bag, because you can't go anywhere without your brows right? At least i know i can't. I'd tried so many things for my brows and just couldn't find one i was happy with until i tried this out. It seems to last forever as well which is great, because you get more for your money. I got this in the shade 'Soft Brown'. This one of my couldn't live without products now; i highly recommend it to all of you if you're looking for something new for your brows.

I will for sure be updating my ABH collection soon, there's another glow palette i want and i really want to try some different shades of their liquid lipsticks. Anastasia Beverly Hill is a 10/10 from me.

I hope you've all had a lovely week, only one more day until weekend.