Monday, 27 March 2017

Its Finally Time

Hello lovelies
Welcome back to my blog.

So two weeks ago i went to the hospital to have my pre operation consultation, they did the general stuff, taking my blood, doing my bmi, blood pressure, a pregnancy test and because of my heart condition i had to have an ECG (Echo-cardiogram). Following those i had a chat with a nurse who asked me the general questions about myself, if i was taking any medication currently, if i was allergic to anything, all that stuff. I did go on a Tuesday and because for some reason they were unaware of my heart condition they hadn't booked me in for an ECG so i had to go back on the Thursday and have everything redone; including having my ECG. 

The consultant i saw told me that the wait would probably be around two to three months for my surgery, however last week i got a phone call asking if i wanted to come in on Tuesday the 28th for my surgery, which was quite a surprise as i had been told there may be a two or three month wait. 

So it's now the day before i'm going into hospital and although i'm excited to be able to hear again properly i'm also anxious about going into hospital as i've never been a fan of going into hospital. Although my surgery is a minor surgery, i am quite worried and anxious. I've had surgery before of course, i had open heart surgery when i was six months old, but obviously i don't remember any of that so the whole process is new to me and that's what makes me the most anxious. 

I know that i'm in good hands and that my surgeon does this every single day so i can trust him and shouldn't be worried about anything; i think its just the whole being in hospital and putting my health in someone else's hands. My biggest worries are having a cannula, i hate needles so much and from what i've seen people i know experience, its put me off completely, my second biggest worry is waking up from the surgery and being drowsy and feeling sick from the anaesthetic; i'm scared in case i'm sick in front of people, i hate being sick, as i'm sure everyone does and even more so if i'm around people. 

I have been told that instead of going onto the pre op recovery ward i'll be put on a proper ward due to my heart condition, it make take me a little longer to come round properly. I have to be at the hospital for 7:30 am, which to me seems better, because i'm not sat around all day waiting for it and getting myself more worked up and anxious. I've been told the reason behind them having me in  early is probably so they can get it done and monitor me during the day for longer. 

I should be allowed home the same day; which i'm glad about because i did not want to have an over night stay in hospital. I just really don't like them at all, so not having to stay over night is a plus for me.

So yeah, that's my update on having my hearing restored. I'm having my surgery tomorrow and i'm excited but also slightly anxious. 

Hopefully i'll get another post up this week, depending on how i feel.