Thursday, 9 March 2017

Legend Of The Fall 2017 Tour

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Okay, oh my god i am so excited to write this post. On Sunday (March 5th) i went to see The Weeknd live at the Manchester Arena. I cannot get over it, i think i'm still hyped from it.

He had three support acts, which i must apologise for the first two because i didn't really catch their names however his third support act who was on just before him was Bryson Tiller, i'm sure a few of you will be aware who he is. I'd heard of him before and i had actually heard a couple of his songs without actually knowing it was him. I can say with one hundred percent certainty that Tiller has gained a new fan over here. His performance was absolutely amazing and his voice, wow. 

So, Abel (The Weeknd) came on stage around nine o'clock - his intro was amazing, i want to call what he had above the crowd who were on the floor a spaceship, which i guess with him being Starboy it probably is. 

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I do have a video of this but unfortunately it won't let me upload it to my blog because the files too big and i'm not video editing savvy enough to cut it down into a smaller size. I will try and find a way to post them, maybe on twitter if you guys are interested in seeing them.

I have been a huge fan of The Weeknd for a good few years now and i genuinely felt like i had waited my whole life to see him live. I'm sure you all have that list of artists that you really want to see live and many on my list i have, there's a couple more i have yet to see but The Weeknd was on that list and now i can cross him off of it. 

His performance was absolutely amazing. I was honestly blown away by how good he was live. There's a lot of artists who even if they are good live, still sound a little different to when you listen to their albums, which is normal however with him, he sounded exactly the same, i was so pleasentely surprised with how he sounded exactly like he does on his albums. That man has some true talent.

He sang a mixture of songs, from all his albums, however most of his performance was songs from the Starboy album. The atmosphere was unbelievable, every single person was so into his show. 

I most definietly will be seeing him again live when he comes back to the UK. The pricing for tickets and the show you got from him was so worth the money. I was actually surprised at how cheap tickets to see him were. If any of you ever get the chance to see him live i highly recommend you do, as i said it's completely worth the money. 

With it being his first UK show of the tour i think that's what made the atmosphere so good, he was certainly happy to be back performing in the UK. 

I don't really have much to else to say about seeing him, without constantly gushing over him, which i have done a lot over on twitter and across my social media. 

I'm so extremely happy that i finally got the chance to see him perform live. He really is just pure talent, love and he puts one hundred and ten percent into his performances. 

I guess this was a bit of a short post, but i did want to write up my experience of seeing him live. 

I hope you've all had a lovely week so far, not long until the weekend now.