Monday, 17 April 2017

I Lost My Blogging Mojo

Hello Lovelies,
Welcome back to my blog,

So as you have probably noticed i haven't posted here for two weeks, i actually didn't realise it was that long to be honest. 

I've sat down and written numerous posts within the past two weeks and ended up deleting them all. I just haven't been happy with anything i've written lately and i didn't want to post any thing to my blog that i'm not happy with. 

It really began to stress me out that for some reason i just couldn't write anything of good quality and i did try to a lot but eventually i just decided to take a break and not bother with my blog until i was feeling inspired again. I took some time away to focus on myself i guess. I haven't been feeling great both physically and mentally lately so i think this little break away from my blog is exactly what i needed and that's okay, none of us should feel pressured to post, because when that happens it begins to become like a chore to us to post. 

I know that i'm only a 'small blogger' however i do get anxious every time i post because due to suffering with anxiety i do worry about what people will say or think about what i've written. It's stressful and this is one of the reasons why i didn't want to post anything i have written recently. I know other peoples opinions shouldn't matter to me, this is my blog and i write here because i enjoy it but honestly they do. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. 

Whatever you do in life; even if you say your not you're looking for approval and acceptance off someone. I have an amazing group of girls who i am in a chat with who motivate me and support me which has helped a lot these past couple of weeks. I mentioned to them that i wasn't feeling motivated at all and they all helped me try to get motivated which i massively appreciate. I think having a small group of people or even one person who's part of this community too is important, especially seeing as there's so many people within the community who are selfish and cut throat and will fuck anyone over to get to the top of the game. 

Currently i am feeling a lot more motivated and inspired to write. I feel like i've got my mojo back and i have lots of ideas for blogposts which i'm excited to write. 

I just want to make clear something i touched on earlier, taking a break from your blog and the community is okay, you have to put yourself first and have some you time.

This post is a lot shorter than i thought it was going to be however, i did get everything what i wanted to say into it so i guess this is me signing off for today.
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