Monday, 3 April 2017

This Time Next Year

Hello lovelies
Welcome back to my blog.

So my lovely friend Leigh tagged me to do this; you can check out her post here.

Thank the person who tagged you
Set yourself some goals for the next year
Explain how you're going to achieve these goals
Tag at least five of your blogger friends
And finally in a years time, 365 days write a post reflecting on your goals and what you managed to achieve. 

I did a goals for 2017 post at the beginning of the year so i won't go into so much detail on this post, if you wish to read in more detail you can check out my goals for 2017 post here.

My goals for this year are - 

To take back control of my mental health
To achieve this goal i think i need to become more open again to accepting help. I've almost shut down in that sense and i think that's why my mental health has slowly declined again.

To complete my 365 day journal
I've set an alarm to allow myself time to be able to fill this in every day. Which i feel has helped a lot as i do think i would forget sometimes. 

Improving my health and fitness
I've found my inspiration for this already, if any of you are wanting to get fit and healthier i highly recommend checking out The Lean Machine's youtube channel.

To post more regularly on here
I think i've done well so far this year in posting more on here. I have a schedule written up in a notebook where i have planned out all future blogposts and what dates they're going up.

To have a successful and happy year
To achieve this i am trying to become more open to opportunities and saying yes more. Whether that be in my personal life, my blogging life or my work life. I am trying to say yes to a lot more. So i can create memories which i can look back on and achievements which i can also look back on and be proud of. 

I shall tag my girlies in my tweet about this post.