Thursday, 25 May 2017

A heavy heart...

Hello lovelies.
Welcome back to my blog.

Today's post isn't what i had planned but i felt like i wanted to write something in memory of all those people who lost their lives on Monday and all those people who are currently receiving treatment in hospitals around Greater Manchester.

When i saw the first post about something happening at Manchester Arena i was so hoping that it was a mistake or something not too serious. I sat up until about 3 am watching the news and my heart just broke. Manchester is my city, i was born, raised and still live here. It's really struck me hard, so i can't imagine what all those families are going through right now. 

No one deserved to experience what they did, all they wanted to do was to go and see their favourite performer live. No one should leave the house excited to see someone live and then never return home.

My heart breaks for all those innocent lives lost, all those families and friends who are dealing with losing their loved ones, all those people who were there and are currently receiving treatment in hospital and all those people who went unharmed but still had to witness the tragedy. I want to send all my love and thoughts to anyone who was involved or has been affected by what happened on Monday night. 

I have to mention the way Manchester as a community rallied round to help makes me so proud of my city. People were offering free lifts home, opening up their homes, sending food and water over to the hospitals, giving refreshments to on duty police officers, they flocked to donate blood, everyone just joined together to try and help in any way they could during this awful attack and have continued to do so. It really did show that no matter what ethnicity, religion and (or) beliefs we all were; during times of need we were all one. 

There is so many pages which are raising money for the victims and their families that have raised thousands so far. Earlier today it was announced that both our football teams, Manchester City and Manchester United had come together and will be donating one million pounds to help the victims, which warmed my heart, if you're from Manchester you'll know both teams and us as fans have a rivalry, sometimes friendly and sometimes it gets a bit intense, but for both teams to come together in this awful time i think is beautiful. Whilst i know money won't ease the pain and heartbreak of losing a loved one, or having to live with possible life changing injuries it can offer a little help towards any
 costs that may fall upon these families.  

I also want to mention something that some people will seem as controversial but it needs to be said; the muslims in our communities are not to blame for this attack, the only person to blame is the ma who carried this out. Please be kind and show the Islamic community some love. Yesterday Manchester Islamic Center stated that already they had been receiving phone calls from people in their community who had been receiving verbal abuse and criminal damage to their property, this is not okay, one man does not speak for a whole community. 

In the wake of the attack Ariana's team have announced that all her tour dates right through to June have been postponed and i've seen some people selfishly complaining about this. If you're a fan of hers you should understand that she will be traumatized by what happened, whilst she wasn't psychically injured, mentally this will be incredibly hard for her to process and to deal with. Her fans, and her fans' parents lost their lives, i can imagine that Ari is feeling some sort of guilt which she shouldn't be, as i said before this no ones fault but the horrible heartless man who caused this attack.

I think we also need to thank the emergency services for their none stop efforts that night and their continued none stop effort they go to to save lives and protect us.

Whilst the police haven't yet officially named those that lost their lives, and won't be able to for a few days, families have posted their awful losses on social media, so i would just like to take a moment to name those who sadly lost their lives, say their names and never forget them;

Georgina Callander

Saffie Rose Roussos
John Atkinson
Megan Hurley
Olivia Campbell
Alison Howe
Lisa Lees
Angelika and Marcin Klis
Martyn Hett
Kelly Brewster
Jane Tweedle-Taylor
Nell Jones
Michelle Kiss
Sorell Leczkowski
Liam Curry
Chloe Rutherford
Elaine McIver
Wendy Fawell
Eilidh MacLeod
Courtney Boyle
Philip Tron

You did not deserve to lose your lives the way you did, you did not deserve to have your lives cut down so short. You will always be remembered and will always remain in the heart of not only myself but i'm sure all of Manchester, in fact all of the UK. Rest In Peace.

If anyone, whether you were involved in what happened, whether you're from Manchester or from anywhere around the UK and this has affected you and you need someone to talk to, my twitter and instagram dm's are always open. You can also email me if you feel more comfortable doing so - 
I'm sending all my love to everyone today.