Sunday, 30 July 2017

15 Facts About Me

Although I've already done a get to know me tag I think most of those questions were pretty general and didn't really tell you much about myself personally so I've decided to do a little facts about me tag.
 I'm currently studying a BSc Honours degree in Psychology and Counselling with the Open University. My goal is eventually to become a mental health counsellor and for that to be my career.

I am pansexual, which means I don't really see gender when dating anyone. It doesn't matter to me.

I have two pets, a dog called Oscar and a cat called Tinkerbell.

I was born on the 27th December, two days after Christmas.

I have a few phobias, clowns, gorillas, sheep & spiders.

When I was younger I wanted to become a marine biologist because dolphins and sea life have always been my favourite animals.

Last year I took part in the Alzhimers Society Memory Walk in memory of my great grandma who passed away.

 My music taste is so varied, I pretty much listen to every genre.

Children aren't really on my radar as such, I'm much more of a career focussed woman and I think that's okay.

I once met Louis Tomlinson and yes it was one of the best days of my life. He was lovely as expected.

I don't have any tattoos as of yet and I've been told I shouldn't have them by my cardiologist but I do want to get some eventually.

I am massively interested in the paranormal and anything related to things to do with that.

I was born with a heart condition and had open heart surgery when I was seven months old. My mum was told that it was lucky they found it when they did because they said I would've died by the age of one.

I watch a lot of YouTube, to the point where I watch it more than shows.

This year I have decided to not to really focus massively on getting into a relationship or dating anyone. I just can't be bothered and have taken this year to focus on myself.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 23 July 2017


"When 400,000 men couldn't get home, home came for them."


On Friday I went to see Dunkirk, of course on the day it came out. I feel like I've been waiting for this film for so long. Of course my attention was first brought to it by finding out Harry Styles would make his acting debut in it, but I also found out two of my favourite actors would also be in it too, I love Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy and I knew if they had been chosen to star in the film it'd be a good one despite Harry being in it.

We cannot forget the story behind the Dunkirk evacuations, it's a real event that happened. If you are unaware of what Dunkirk actually is I would suggest that you do your research before watching the film. People gave their lives for us to live as we do today. Churchill wanted 30,000 soldiers back home, however they weren't having that and did eventually get 300,000+ men back home.

Christopher Nolan has done an amazing job of really hitting the nail on the head with exactly what happened on that beach in France. Unlike most war films, this isn't glamourized by Hollywood, it's a gripping true to the story film. Capturing the struggles these men faced in order to get back home to their families. Whilst this is about a period of time within the second world war, it's not a story of triumph over the enemy.

Nolan told this story without on single shot of the enemy which in itself shows this isn't directly about the battle, it's the story of all these man who just wanted to go home alive and well.

Let's talk about Harry for a second; If you're debating seeing the film because he's in it, then what I will say is, bypass that thought. He held his own and give an amazing performance. Even has a huge fan of him I was unsure of what to expect from his first acting debut but honestly I was so impressed. I read online that Nolan was so impressed with Harry's acting that he gave him more lines than initially intended.

I hadn't ever seen Fionn Whitehead in anything before, I don't think he's actually done a lot of acting, however i'm 100% sure his performance in Dunkirk will have plenty of casting people knocking it his door. I've definitely become a fan of his and I'm excited to see what he'll do next.

Tom Hardy had very little lines in this film, however he gave such a powerful performance and for someone to do that just by their body language and eyes says exactly how great of an actor they are.

Cillian Murphy, my little babe. I don't really want to give too much away, but his character struck me hard, it really made you think about what these men went through, throughout the war and following the war, the difficulties they faced.

All in all, I do think this is a film every one should watch. Whether you're into these types of films or not; it highlights the sacrifice and struggle these men made for us and it's definitely a film worth watching.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

MUA - Velvet Lip Lacquer

Hello Lovelies
Welcome back to my blog

I have such an obsession with liquid lipsticks I have so many. Totally prefer them over normal lipstick now.

I bought some of the MUA Luxe Velvet lip lacquer's and I absolutely love them. They cost me £3 each off the superdrug website and honestly I was so surprised how good they were for the price.
The staying power is so good, I can wear one all day and not have to top it up. They are really moistourising and don't dry your lips out at all.


I took a bit of a risk when I bough this one as I think it's quite an out there colour however I decided to purchase it and try it out and I love it. I've only worn it a handful of times because for me it's not exactly an every day colour. It's so pretty though isn't it?


I bought this one because red has always been my favourite lip colour to wear, I can't tell you the amount of red lipsticks I have, it's ridiculous. So I was looking for a bright red liquid lipstick for a while and then found this and decided because i'd used them before in other colours I was sure to love it.


This one I wear most often, I think it's such a nice every day colour. It's more of a brown with a pink tinge to it. I have repurchased this one three times and will continue to do so. I think this genuinely one of my absolute favourite liquid lipsticks ever.

I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who's on a budget and is looking for some good quality liquid lipsticks.

I hope you've all had a lovely day.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Tupac, 9/11 And More

Hello lovelies
Welcome back to my blog.

I hate the term conspiracy theory, i prefer alternative theory, however that's not exactly used very often. The definition of conspiracy is "a secret plan by a group of people to do something unlawful or harmful". By talking about a different theory of how things may have potentially happened myself and (or) anyone who believes these alternative theories isn't plotting to cause unlawful harm or to be harmful to anyone involved. We are just purely exploring different options of what could have happened in a certain situation. Before i get into discussing some theories i do want to make it clear that i don't mean to cause any offence to anyone and these are just my own personal thoughts, views and opinions and i do apologize if anything i do say offends or upsets anyone. I also want to do a little disclaimer, i'm not a nut; i haven't got a tinfoil hat yet i'm just very interested in alternative theories and reading about them.

One of the biggest theories is that 9/11 was an 'inside job' whilst i have used that term before i don't believe that George Bush was directly involved in what happened on September 11th, however i do personally believe it was a government plan and here's why: the media story or 'official story' as to what happened that day is that four planes were hijacked by Islamic extremists; two of them were flown into the world trade center in New York, another into the Pentagon in Washington D.C and apparently the fourth plane was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Whilst this was widely believed by some people there still are thousands of people around the world who don't believe that story and i myself am one of those people. I've watched numerous documentaries which followed the 'official story' and some which have given evidence to disprove that story and i have formed my own opinions on what i believe really happened and want to discuss my reasons behind thinking what i do. Personally i believe that the attack was set up by the US government so they had an excuse to use to send troops over to these countries, countries including Iraq which the US government did conclude weren't linked to the attacks. Why? I honestly believe that although they were supposedly there to stop extremist behavior that in fact they were actually there for themselves and their interests and that of which not being protecting people from extremist behavior. Some of which of these interests are being able to construct a natural gas pipeline throughout Afghanistan. Another thing which draws to me to the conclusion that this wasn't an attack on the US is the way the towers fell, the way they fell looked exactly like a controlled explosion, an explosion they do every day to take down old or unsafe buildings, also the damage caused the pentagon doesn't make sense; if a plane had hit it then the damage would have been more severe; a news reporter was stood right outside the Pentagon and claimed there was no sign of parts of the supposed plane that crashed into it, also the dimension of entry when someone measured it wasn't the same as the wingspan of the plane.

The death of  Tupac has always been something which has fascinated me, i just don't believe it as truth. I genuinely believe he's still alive and hiding out somewhere. As most of you who are fans of the rapper will know, in 1994 he was robbed and shot five times at Quad Recording Studios. He survived this attack and discharged himself from hospital against the doctors orders three hours following his surgery. Tupac became paranoid and despite being friends with fellow rapper Biggie, accused him and P.Diddy of setting up the attack on him, there for beginning the war between the two groups. The night of Tupac's supposed death he had attended the Tyson V. Seldon boxing match in Las Vegas with Suge Knight. Around 11:15 whilst the pair were at a red light a white Cadillac pulled up beside the car and began firing shots at Tupac resulting in his death, Whilst this is the offical story there are some shady things which went on which seem to have been ignored or covered up by officials and some of the general public. One of these is the fact that the man who supposedly cremated Tupac's body the day after he died disappeared shortly after doing so and was never spoken to or seen of again; which seems pretty shady to me. Before disappearing he was interviewed and claimed he had no idea who Tupac was or what he looked like; so in that case the body he cremated could've been anyone and not necessarily Tupac. Also can we talk about how he was supposedly cremated the day after his death, when does that ever happen? Especially in a murder case, there would be need to keep the body for investigation purposes. The most common theory is that Tupac is hiding out in Cuba with his Aunt and in recent years people have captured images / footage of a man who looks very similar to what the rapper would look like now. Something else which raises questions as to whether Tupac is dead or alive is the fact that he was a fan of Italian war strategist who wrote many books and advocates faking your own death to fool your enemies, whilst this is a bit of a hit and miss reason behind the rapper still being alive it is something to think about. Tupac's album latest album cover before he died for Makaveli depicted the rapper looking like Jesus on the cross, some fans suspect that the rapper is planning on a resurrection and that he will eventually come back to music. There's so many questionable things regarding Tupac's death and the inconsistencies of the story, but i won't get into them all as this post is already going to be super long but if you are interested you should definitely check them out. But to round it this up, as i said at the beginning, i don't believe Tupac is really dead.

Are aliens / extra terrestrials real? In my opinion, yes they are. I do not believe that we are the only planet in our galaxy which is inhabited. I think it's a naive to believe we are the only ones. We're constantly told by governments that aliens aren't real and every supposed sighting is a lie or when ufo's are spotted in the sky they are military testings. The biggest theory is that remains of a ship were found in Roswell which was confirmed then later the confirmation was retracted, people believe that the remains of the space craft were taken to Area 51 for testing and to be hidden away from the general public and with how tight lipped the government are regarding exactly what goes on there more and more people began and continue to believe the theory that the government are withholding ship remains and possibly aliens themselves. Whilst there is plenty of videos and accounts from people claiming to have witnessed UFOs and Aliens themselves; its still seen as a crazy claim to make and it still gets covered up or quickly forgotten about by mainstream media. I don't think it's crazy to believe there is life on other planets and that they possibly have been in contact with us, it really isn't crazy at all in fact, it's open minded and clever to not shut down the thought that we aren't the only ones out there.

The most recent theory that i've read about which has had me hooked is regarding the Titanic and i sort of believe it. The story that was given to us is that the ship hit an iceberg and flooded resulting in it sinking, however this was deemed the unsinkable ship, so how did the unsinkable ship, sink? There's a lot of theories regarding the Titanic, however the one i read which i believed the most was that the Titanic actually wasn't the Titanic at all. It is thought that it was actually in fact her sister ship the Olympic which was supposedly swapped with the Titanic before it set sail. The Olympic had been involved in two serious accidents since it was launched and supposedly the amount to repair the ship was ridiculous and the company didn't want to pay for the repairs. Its questioned whether the company who owned both ships, White Star Lane sent the Olympic out as the Titanic knowing it come come into some difficulties once on the Atlantic ocean or that the collision was planned in order to sink the ship so that they could claim the insurance money saying it was the Titanic that sank and that way they wouldn't lose out on any money by losing a ship. Something which seems a little off to me is that  J.P Morgan who's company took over White Star Lane, cancelled his trip on the Titanic due to some out of the blue business commitments, which some people and i myself do believe is utter nonsense and he in fact learned what the plan was with the Titanic/Olympic and of course decided against boarding the ship.

I honestly love reading about all these theories and there's so many more which interest me, so i may do a part two post on 'conspiracy theories'.


Bettie x

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Weekend Away In Shrewsbury

Hello lovelies
Welcome back to my blog.
So this weekend I went on a girls weekend with my mum, auntie, her sister in law and my grandma. We went to Shrewsbury in Shropshire. We travelled there by train which surprisingly to me didn't take as long as I expected, it took us around an hour and a half from Manchester Piccadilly, however the time seemed to go by rather quickly. We stayed in a premier inn which was just a five minuet walk from the train station and also only a five minuet walk from the town centre as well which was very convenient.

The hotel room itself was your average Premier Inn room. I've never stayed in a Premier Inn before but knowing its supposed to be part of those budget hotel chains I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with how nice it was. I do want to take a moment to mention the bed, you know when you're away from home and you just think I cannot wait to get back home to my bed, that wasn't the case, the beds are so comfy, I honestly didn't want to get out of it. The facilities are good for what we needed them for, we didn't plan on spending much time in the hotel and we didn't so for what we used our rooms for it was perfect for us.
We went for lunch at a lovely little pub/restaurant called Henry Tudor House.

Which from the outside you would think would be pretty expensive however it wasn't, it was fairly priced for what the quality of food you got, in fact the food was lovely. I had the chickpea and mint hummus with pitta and chips and it was a lot more filling than I expected. The hummus looked a lot like guacamole to me however it definitely didn't taste like it. It was quite refreshing with the mint in it. Of course it was a weekend of drinking so I had myself a glass of Prosecco with my lunch and a water too.

Something I did love about the place itself is that is had paintings of famous people in period clothing my two favourite where Amy Winehouse and David Bowie.

We had a quick sort of wander around the town itself however we didn't have much time to do so as we did need to go back to get ready for our evening meal.


I decided on a playsuit for my outfit, accompanied with a leopard belt and some shoes I recently bought from Primark.

We went for food at a place called The Peach Tree. I had the creamy mushrooms on a toasted muffin a my starter which were lovely, and you got a lot for a starter dish. For my main I had the carbonara without the bacon and some garlic bread as a side. The portion I got was pretty surprising, I did struggle to finish, however I did manage to. Of course again I coupled my meal with some Prosecco. There was a pianist who was playing there which was a nice addition to the mood of the restaurant.

Following us finishing our evening meal we decided to go for a few drinks in the pub/club adjoined to the restaurant called Havana Republic and spent the rest of our night there. It was a really nice place with a great atmosphere.

 On the Sunday before we travelled home we decided to go to The Shrewsbury Hotel for breakfast, where I had the vegetarian full English and a latte. Following breakfast we decided to do a bit of shopping and to have another wonder around the town itself as we had more time to do so. It's such a beautiful town, I definitely want to go back there and spend more time exploring, as I do feel there was a lot to see that I didn't. Some of the buildings were quite old fashioned which I loved, they had that tudor look still to them with it more modernised at the bottom but keeping the period look at the top.

I would highly recommend Shrewsbury to anyone who's looking for a nice little spot for a weekend away.

I hope you've all had a lovely day and a nice start to your week.