Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Weekend Away In Shrewsbury

Hello lovelies
Welcome back to my blog.
So this weekend I went on a girls weekend with my mum, auntie, her sister in law and my grandma. We went to Shrewsbury in Shropshire. We travelled there by train which surprisingly to me didn't take as long as I expected, it took us around an hour and a half from Manchester Piccadilly, however the time seemed to go by rather quickly. We stayed in a premier inn which was just a five minuet walk from the train station and also only a five minuet walk from the town centre as well which was very convenient.

The hotel room itself was your average Premier Inn room. I've never stayed in a Premier Inn before but knowing its supposed to be part of those budget hotel chains I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with how nice it was. I do want to take a moment to mention the bed, you know when you're away from home and you just think I cannot wait to get back home to my bed, that wasn't the case, the beds are so comfy, I honestly didn't want to get out of it. The facilities are good for what we needed them for, we didn't plan on spending much time in the hotel and we didn't so for what we used our rooms for it was perfect for us.
We went for lunch at a lovely little pub/restaurant called Henry Tudor House.

Which from the outside you would think would be pretty expensive however it wasn't, it was fairly priced for what the quality of food you got, in fact the food was lovely. I had the chickpea and mint hummus with pitta and chips and it was a lot more filling than I expected. The hummus looked a lot like guacamole to me however it definitely didn't taste like it. It was quite refreshing with the mint in it. Of course it was a weekend of drinking so I had myself a glass of Prosecco with my lunch and a water too.

Something I did love about the place itself is that is had paintings of famous people in period clothing my two favourite where Amy Winehouse and David Bowie.

We had a quick sort of wander around the town itself however we didn't have much time to do so as we did need to go back to get ready for our evening meal.


I decided on a playsuit for my outfit, accompanied with a leopard belt and some shoes I recently bought from Primark.

We went for food at a place called The Peach Tree. I had the creamy mushrooms on a toasted muffin a my starter which were lovely, and you got a lot for a starter dish. For my main I had the carbonara without the bacon and some garlic bread as a side. The portion I got was pretty surprising, I did struggle to finish, however I did manage to. Of course again I coupled my meal with some Prosecco. There was a pianist who was playing there which was a nice addition to the mood of the restaurant.

Following us finishing our evening meal we decided to go for a few drinks in the pub/club adjoined to the restaurant called Havana Republic and spent the rest of our night there. It was a really nice place with a great atmosphere.

 On the Sunday before we travelled home we decided to go to The Shrewsbury Hotel for breakfast, where I had the vegetarian full English and a latte. Following breakfast we decided to do a bit of shopping and to have another wonder around the town itself as we had more time to do so. It's such a beautiful town, I definitely want to go back there and spend more time exploring, as I do feel there was a lot to see that I didn't. Some of the buildings were quite old fashioned which I loved, they had that tudor look still to them with it more modernised at the bottom but keeping the period look at the top.

I would highly recommend Shrewsbury to anyone who's looking for a nice little spot for a weekend away.

I hope you've all had a lovely day and a nice start to your week.