Friday, 18 August 2017

It's Your Blog...

I've just read a post, you all know what I'm on about and it really did get me riled.
The great thing about the blogging community is the different posts you get within it, one moment I can read a though provoking post which makes me see the world differently or to do something to help and the next I can read a really great haul that makes me want to spend all my money.

I write about mental health because I do want to be part of the change which ends the stigma attached to it, it's something close to my heart and I want to see a change but also blog about other things that won't massively make a huge difference to humanity, for example beauty related things, makeup posts, favourite posts ect... It's my god damn blog and I will use my space on the internet to write about what I want to. No one has any right to police your blog, this is your blogging journey not theirs and if they don't like it they can unfollow you and not read your blog. It'll be no great loss to you. I know for a fact I only want to surround people who are supportive of me and what I put out there.

If you don't like what someone is posting then don't read it, I don't understand the mentality of reading something, disliking it and then going off about it. If you put on a film you didn't like you'd just turn it off, no one is forcing you to read posts you don't particularly want to.

For most people, blogging is their hobby in which they get away from their stresses of every day life. My blog gives me an outlet, and I choose what goes here not anyone else. I know not everyone will like my content and that's okay, if we all liked the same things it'd be a very boring world, but to write a post basically shaming people on their content is horrible. How dare someone sit there and take time out of their day to make others feel shit about what they're posting. How dare anyone think they have a right to police others and tell them what they can and can't post.

Post what you want to, its your blog.
And never let anyone make you think that what you're posting is pointless.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that none of you are too upset by that post.