Monday, 25 September 2017

A Safe Space 

I'm not blind to whats going on in the world, in fact i'm active within certain communities to try and create a better community for us all. Being LGBTQ and suffering from mental health issues i've found myself constantly battling for equality and trying to eradicate stigmas attached to both. 

However i wanted to make clear that no matter your sexuality, mental health status, religion, gender, culturual background i am here for anyone who finds them self falling victim to injustice, i'm here for the people who don't have friends or family supporting them.

My blog and all my social medias are and will always be a safe space for anyone who needs it. A place with no judgement, just someone here to listen if you need it.

I know this is a short post however i just wanted to make everyone aware that if you're ever feeling alone or you're going through something and don't feel you can talk to people around you, i'm here

You can contact me through both my instagram and (or) my twitter.

You can also contact me via email if you feel more comfortable doing so - 

Please remember, you're never alone and there's always someone there. Even if you just need a rant; i'm there. 

Sending you all so much love and all my positive thoughts & energy.