Monday, 18 September 2017

Being On The Depo Injection

I've seen a few people do a post regarding this topic, so i decided to share my own experience because i think the more opinions there is out there, the better it is for people when deciding wether to try it or not.

I first went on the depo injection in 2014; my reasoning behind it wasn't actually for contraception at all. I started my period when i had just turned twelve; in fact it was the day after my twelfth birthday, i remember it so vividly. 

My periods were hell for me and i found myself dreading it every month. I had very heavy periods so i used to be extremely tired whilst on mine due to loosing a lot of blood, i would go extremely pale. The cramps, oh my god the cramps were awful, i legit felt like someone was either stabbing me in my pelvic area or that something was inside my stomach trying to claw its way out. I've suffered from migraines since being a young child and during my time of the month i would get between three and four within the week or so i was on my period. It got to the point where i was being sent home from school because i was so poorly.

I decided to get myself the pill, as soon as i possibly could and for a while it helped, i still had periods but they were pretty irregular and when i did get them they were no where near as bad as what they had been previously. However eventually it stopped working for me and my horrendous periods were back and out in full force. 

I spoke to my mum about it a lot and she suggested i went onto the injection having been on it a number of years herself and having no issues with it. So i did and i've never looked back. I didn't gain weight which is a side effect of having, which obviously was a bonus. I stopped having it for a while due to a personal issue which wasn't related to having the injection however i had to have a break from it. 

In 2016 i went back onto the depo and this time around i did have a few issues with it. I bled for a full month on and off, only lightly however it was a bit annoying of course, no one wants to be bleeding for that long. I spoke to the nurse at my gp surgery regarding the issue and she asked me if i minded leaving it until i was next due for my injection to see if the bleeding had settled down; i agreed as although i was bleeding i wasn't cramping or having any other issues and it did eventually stop thank god. 

We aren't sure why i had this issue this time around, it can effect you differently at different times. Everyone is different and it can help some and not others; however i would highly recommend it to anyone who has bad periods, there definitely is no harm in trying.

Whilst i don't necessarily use it for it's intended purpose of contraception i do think it's one of the easiest methods, as you have it every three months, so you are protected from pregnancy for three months, then you just get yourself down to your doctor and have it done again. Please do also use condoms. Whilst it protects you from unwanted pregnancies it doesn't protect you from STDs. So using condoms is a must, unless you are in a long term relationship and you know that you're both free from any sort of infections. 

I hope this has been helpful. 

Have any of you been on the depo before, or are you still on it? I'd be interested to hear your experiences!