Sunday, 10 September 2017

Technic Cosmetics 


I've become so obsessed with Technic. I have a small collections of products from them but i do know with one hundred percent certainty that my collection will only grow.

The first item i ever bought of theirs, which i have repurchased numerous times is the Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder. It's extremely affordable at just £3 and the quality of product you get for the price is absolutely amazing. It's definitely my go to highlighter. 

The next item is the soft focus transparent loose powder. I use this powder to set my concealer and foundation, or to 'bake'. I think i paid £4 for this; i know it wasn't a lot but i can't put a definite price on it.

I recently purchased the ultimate brow kit as i had ran out of my usual one and pay day was too far away. I paid £2.49 for this and i'm incredibly impressed. I do think i may switch over from my usual brow product to this permenantly. 

I usually use a eyeliner pen for my lids and will continue to do so however i was looking for a decent pencil liner for my under eye. So i picked this eyeliner up for only £2.00, i have yet to use it however i have heard good things about it. 

The Get Lashed mascara is something i've been loving a lot lately. I don't do a full face every day however i do use mascara pretty much every day, because i genuinely do feel that it makes a huge difference. I love the brush on this mascara and it really does make my lashes look amazing, i don't have very long or promenant lashes, but this makes a huge difference. It literally cost me the small price of £3.

The define and highlight palette is something that i've only purchased recently however i do think i'll be repurchasing it. I usually use the shade & light palette by Kat Von D, however i saw this and thought i'd test it, as it's only £3 and i'm always all about saving money where i can. I still use the kat von d palette but i have also been using this too as i like to mix up what i use sometimes. 

I'll be honest i bought the bronzing eyeshadows palette because it looked aesthetically pleasing. How cute and simple is this packaging? I haven't done a look with these shadows yet however i have swatched it and i was so impressed with it. I will soon do a whole review post on the palette once i've used it. Oh and FYI it was only £3.50.

All in all i highly recommend Technic Cosmetics. I'm not one who needs all high end makeup and if i find something i love wether its high end or drug store i will use it and repurchase it. I think technic is a great brand for someone who's wanting to grow their collection but doesn't necessarily have the budget to go out and buy all high end products.

Have you tried any of these products or anything else from Technic, what's your opinion?