Sunday, 22 October 2017

Flicker Album Review 

It's FINALLY here. I've been waiting for this album since Niall released This Town. 

The good thing about the boys all going solo is that we get to hear their own sound, obviously i love one direction's music but its so nice and refreshing to hear them all taking their own roads with the genere's and type of music they want to make.

His album was released on Friday and i wanted to wait until i'd listened to it a few times before i wrote my review. The first time i listened to it was just with excitement and anticipation. I've now listened to it a lot more times, i don't think i could put a number on how many times though, lol. 

Flicker gives me the eagles and fleetwood mack sort of vibes, which he did say was a lot of influence for him whilst creating the album, thats the music he grew up listening to. Whilst it gives me those vibes i don't feel as though he's just tried to be them, or to recreate their sound, it has his own stamp on it. 

It's definitely a more mature sound which i expected anyway as he's not that seventeen year old lad we all met back in 2010 on X Factor. He's a grown man now and it definitely reflects in this album. I do think that anyone who will choose not to listen to his album due to who he is, you know all those music snobs who aren't willing to accept him as an artist of his own just because he came from a 'boy band' will miss out on listening to some new and fresh music from him.

Over all I'd highly rate this album, i know a lot of people will be reading it like 'of course you will, you loved 1d' but that's not true, theres some songs released by certain other members that i dislike and i'm not shy about saying so. 

Flicker by Niall Horan has five stars from me.

I have a ticket for his tour next year and i cannot wait to hear it live.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.