Sunday, 1 October 2017

I've Stopped Apologising For My Mental Health 

For as long as i can remember i've apologised for my mental health. If people ask me to go somewhere i don't feel like i can, i've apologised. If i'm having a bad day and my mood isn't the same as it usually is, i've apologised.

I'm not doing that anymore. Someone with a cold or a cough doesn't feel the need to apologise so why should i apologise for the way my mental health effects me, i shouldn't.

I'm on medication for my anxiety and depression and although they have improved my mental health a lot, to the point i can actually live my life normally for the most part; i still have bad days, because my meds aren't a cure.

I try my hardest to push myself and to not let it control me but sometimes it does and thats not something that i should be feeling bad about.

My general attitude now towards this is that people that genuinely matter in my life will understand my odd behaviour, if i go quiet for a few days or if i cancel plans (as much as i try not to, sometimes i have to.) 

Sometimes i need to be alone and i need to have space from everyone around me, and thats okay. Its not something that i need to apologise for. Life can get too much for anyone at times and we all need our own time. I get overwhemled so easily and it can be the littlest thing that sends me over my limit but its something significant to me and as i said earlier the people who matter will try to understand and will be there for me when i need it and will back away when i need my space. 

REMEMBER: We don't have to apologise for the effect our illness has on us! 

PS. Our mental health also isn't an excuse to be a shitty and (or) nasty human being.