Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Skin System

I used to slack a lot with my skin care routine and it's mostly because i couldn't afford decent skin care products constantly that worked for me. However for about a year i've been using The Skin System  products which are Asda's own skin care range and i'm a huge fan of it. All the products in this post ARE cruelty free

The first product is the Overnight Blemish Serum. I often question over night quick fixes however, this product definitely does what it says on the tube. It reduces swelling and redness so quickly. Its obviously a 'overnight' serum however i use it as an when i need a blemish dealing with and within a couple of hours if that i can already see it working. The tube isn't huge but you don't need a lot of product so it lasts ages. 

The next product i'm loving from their range is the 3 in 1 Mask, Scrub & Cleanser. I was a little sceptical about this, as i always am with products that claim to be more than one thing, however you can't go wrong with this. I've used it as both a face mask and a face scrub. To use as a mask all you have to do is apply it as you would any other and leave it to dry, for around ten to fifteen minuets. Every time i use it wether it be as the mask or the scrub it leaves my skin feeling amazing and incredibly soft. 

This Night Cream has become part of my daily skin care routine, i use it at night as it should be but also its become my daily moisturiser too. I have combination skin so its quite dry in some places and oily in others, and this definitely helps, it doesn't make my oily parts too greasy and it helps my dry skin. I have eczema so i've found this a huge blessing in disguise. I've noticed that when i don't use this before applying my foundation it doesn't go on as well or look as good. 

All these products are purse friendly, which is why i love them; none of them cost more than five pounds, in fact they're all less then three pounds. 

There are more products in their range which i have yet to try but i wanted to share these products with you as they've become my holy grail products and as i said are purse friendly so i'm completely obsessed with them.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.