Saturday, 9 December 2017

The Simply Christmas Tag

So my girl Melissa tagged me to do this post. You can check her post out here.

Let’s get into it then...
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Answer the 10 questions provided
Add 3 bonus questions that only the people you tag need to answer
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Have fun and I hope you have a wonderful festival period!


What’s your favourite thing coming into the festive period?
I love how happy everyone seems to be; even though it can be a pretty stressful for the most part everyone seems to be a lot happier and excited.

What’s your favourite Christmas-themed drink?
I don’t really have one. I don’t drink a lot of hot drinks other than plain old coffee however i do drink a lot more hot chocolate in the winter months.

Do you have any Christmas or Winter related traditions?
Me, my mum and Grandma go shopping and round the Christmas markets every year. That’s it really.

Christmas Jumpers- Yay or Nay?
Yay! I love a good Christmas jumper.

What are some of your favourite Christmas songs?
Anything Michael Bublé to be honest.

If you could star in any Christmas film, which would it be, and why?
Well Elf is my favourite so probably that.

If you could kiss any celebrity under the mistletoe this year, who would it be?
Jack Maynard or Perrie Edwards (both would be great).

Do you have a favourite Christmas scent? Candles, Fragrances etc
Spice apple and Gingerbread.

What is your favourite festive food?
I love minced pies!

What is one extremely extravagant gift that you would love to, but probably never receive?
A trip to Dubai. I don’t know, i’m not really someone who’s into massively expensive things.


What is your Christmas Eve traditions?
We as a family get together and have chinese.

If you could do absolutely anything in the festive period, what would you do and where would you go?
I’d love to go to New York in December, not over Christmas though.#

Do you prefer to give presents, or be given them?
I prefer giving them.

What’s your favourite present you’ve ever given?
What’s your favourite part of your christmas dinner?
Is there anything you always say you’ll do during the festive period that you never end up doing?
That’s my christmas tag done! I shall tag the people i’m suggesting do it in my twitter post
I hope you’re all enjoying the festive period so far.


xo Bettie Karen