Monday, 8 January 2018

The Day I Met Louis Tomlinson

I did originally have a post about this already but when i revamped my blog i decided to delete it because i wasn’t happy with it and decided to re-write the post. Back in 2015 i bought tickets to the James Coppinger’s Legends charity football match at Doncaster Rovers (Keepmoat Stadium) which Louis was taking part in.

About four or five days before the match was due to happen my mum received a phone call from someone involved in the organisation of the match saying we had won a prize draw which everyone who had purchased a ticket had been entered into. The prizes were the option to take part in a penalty shoot out on the pitch with some of the players or to meet Louis and to receive a Doncaster rovers shirt with your name or Tomlinson on the back.
Obviously I chose the option of meeting Louis, as most of you will know I was (still am) a huge fan of one direction and the boys, so for me there was only one option.
I legitimately couldn’t believe i was going to meet Louis. I was so excited the whole day and incredibly nervous.
During half time of the match someone came over to take me towards the tunnel where the players come out onto the pitch and that’s where i met him.
I think the huge embarrassing grin on my face shows exactly how I was feeling.
I honestly couldn’t believe I'd been given this chance, I had a lot of things I wanted to say but as soon as he was there in front of me, that went straight out of the window.
Louis was incredibly sweet. He really is such a nice person and had such a positive aura about him. I don’t think anyone could be in his presence and not be happy to be honest.
Although the meeting was pretty quick due to it happening at half time; it’s a moment I will treasure forever and will be something I'll always be thankful for.
Ever since meeting him I've gained even more respect for him as a person, if that's even possible? I mean I loved him hugely before I met him; so all it did was confirm how much of a good person I knew him to be and it solidified how much I liked him.

Have you met any of your favourite celebrities? If so who and what were they like? 
xo Bettie Karen