Tuesday, 16 January 2018

You Should Stop Saying These... 

For the longest time i’ve always said i don’t want children and there’s certain things i’m tired of hearing in response to me not wanting a child.

“Who will look after you when you get old?”

 I don’t really care about that; i’m hoping by the time i need some help with looking after myself that i would be able to afford a carer or to move into a care home and if not then i’ll manage. I personally wouldn’t want to burden any children of mine - they’d have their own lives to get on with.

“Some women can’t have children and you’re choosing not to; that’s selfish.”
I don’t owe anyone children; not myself or the world. Its incredibly sad that others can’t have them but that doesn’t mean i have to have them.
“You’ll change your mind.”
Maybe i will, but currently and for as long as i can remember i don’t want to have children and they aren’t something i plan for my future.
“I never wanted children either until i had mine.”
Good for you. You changed your mind and thats great; doesn’t mean i will though.
“What if your future partner wants children?”
I would lay my cards on the table pretty early on and if they wanted children then they can then have the chance to end things with me before they get too serious and find someone who does want kids.
It’s not that i dislike kids, i love them. I have a lot of friends with children and thats enough for me; i get all the good, cute stuff without the committment, i guess.
Something i also want to mention is that some women as i said earlier can’t have children and choose to say they don’t want them rather than to keep explaining they can’t have children; so to constantly shoot them down with comments mentioned above is incesitive and rude. It’s nobody elses business but the people involved wether they want children or not.
xo Bettie Karen