Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Woman’s Day 

Women are strong as hell - and no one can stop us once we set our mind to something.
I am thankful to have been raised by a powerful and strong ass women who fought to get to where she is today. A woman who always made sure - despite her young age i had everything i could ever need. My mother is my best friend - the person i am forever closest to. She know’s me better than anyone else and i am incredibly proud to say ‘thats my mum’.

(Not my image - found on We Heart It)

As well as my mother, i am surrounded by powerful and determined women, whether that be people within my family or within my friendship group. Every woman i have in my life i am proud to have them there. They are such a positive uplifting energy in my life.

As women we go through a hell of a lot. We have to deal with the monthly bleed and cramps that go with it, which have recently been proven by scientists to be just as painful as a heart attack and yet we get up, get to work and get on with our days. We bring life into the world which whilst that is a beautiful thing - it can be an extremely traumatising experience for some women.

We deal with sexism every single day - wether that be in work or within society but we never let that stop us, in fact we let that fuel our fire and detrimination. We deal with the pay gap, seeing men do the same or very similar jobs to us but on more pay only encourages us to fight for that injustice. We deal with being told that because we’re women we probably shouldn’t go for a certain career - because that career is ‘for men’. We deal with the sexism of being told that really we should be at home having babies and taking care of said children.

We deal with being name called and judged because we aren’t afraid to explore our sexuality.
We are seen as the weaker less important sex. When history would show you that some of the most amazing things have happened when women stick together. Behind every man is a strong as hell woman advising him and holding it together behind the scenes, wether that be their mother, wife, girlfriend or friend, yet we never see that.

We are a force of nature - a group which shouldn’t be poked because when we rise we destory anything and everything that has attempted to destory us.

Every single woman, whether you are cis or trans and no matter your sexuality or disability should be proud of who you are and shouldn’t ever let a mostly male dominated world dull your sparkle. You are just as strong, just as powerful and just as able to make the same contributions and more to today’s modern society. Whether you choose to be a career girl, a stay at home mother or both - what you do is amazing and we as a society are truly blessed to have you on this planet.

I love women and the sisterhood bond we share and i am proud to be apart of it.

xo Bettie Karen