Monday, 19 March 2018

Niall Horan - Flicker World Tour | Manchester

I wanted to write this post over the weekend however i’ve been working so I haven’t had chance to write it up. On Thursday 15th March I went to see Niall Horan in Manchester and he was incredible. 

I was a massive fan of one direction, some close to me may say I loved them a little too much, I don’t think so though. Niall is the first of the boys i’ve seen live solo and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Every time I go to see someone live I always have an amazing experience however for some reason this night felt different, a good different. When the band announced they were going on their hiatus I worried a little that we wouldn’t see them for a while however they proved me wrong - and I think thats why seeing Niall live, on his own had me feeling a different type of of excited and also a little emotional. 

The day before I found out about O2 priority - which had a few little extra bits for O2 customers, the priority queue being one of them which I took full advantage of. It’s basically a seperate queue which gets let into the venue before the general queue. I’m so glad I found out about it because although I love going to see people live I hate the queueing side of it. They also have a priority room which is sort of like a lounge with some comfy sofa’s, a place to charge your phone and its own bar which I found a lot better because the bars downstairs are always rammed and it can take a while to get yourself drinks. I spent the first part of the night there, chatting to the staff behind the bar - as I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing Julia Michael’s live - who was Niall’s support act. I think if you do ever go to a show at an O2 venue and they’re your network you should definitely take advantage of the priority app, its free and totally worth it. 

Now lets talk about Niall - what a babe he is. He sang a mix of songs from his album Flicker, which if you haven’t listened to I highly recommend that you do. One of my favourite songs on the album is On My Own and whilst I was enjoying his whole set as soon as I heard the opening to on my own which was his final song I got a little too excited. He also performed two one direction songs too - Fools Gold & Drag Me Down, which of course everyone including myself went mental for. As well as singing those one direction songs he also covered Camila Cabello’s Cry In The Club and Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark. Niall also performed a song on the piano called So Long which he said he wished he’d had put on the album. I’m now hoping he does release it and it goes on Spotify because I loved it. 

Niall talked about the last time he was in Manchester, whilst draping a Manchester bee teddy what a fan had given him at the meet and greet; which was for the One Love Concert. He praised our city for the way we all came together and helped each other and also mentioned that he’d spoken to Ariana that day and that she sent her love to us, which I thought was incredibly nice - for him to even bring it up, especially seeing as there were some fans at his show who were at the arena the night of the attack. I will admit this made me slightly emotional, even though I wasn’t at the arena myself on the night of the attack, being a fan of Ariana and being from Manchester it really hit me as i’m sure it did for many other Mancunians and people around the world and for another artist to recognize the bravery of our city its just beautiful. 

Seeing Niall live will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m just so proud - it sounds silly but having been a fan since day one when the boys were on X Factor its just such an overwhelming but nice feeling seeing them do their own thing. 

If you are a fan of Niall and ever get the chance to go and see him live you definitely should.

xo Bettie Karen