Friday, 2 March 2018

Things I wish I knew before I started blogging 

I’ve learnt a lot since i started blogging, some of which i wish i knew before i had started. It wouldn’t have stopped me from creating a blog, i just would’ve been more prepared.


Not everyone is as welcoming as i expected them to be. There’s a lot of what seem like cliques in the blogging community and it can be hard to make friends because of it. The bitchyness that i’ve witnessed reminded me of the ‘mean girls’ in high school. However having said that - i have met some extremely supportive people and made some amazing friends in the community.

It’s easy to say they aren’t everything - and honestly they aren’t but its hard not to feel a little deflated if one of your posts doesn’t do as well as they normally do.

I never even thought about this until a couple of months ago when i saw someone posting about a pretty ‘big’ blogger who had supposedly bought followers. The thing with this is companies like to choose who to work with based on their following and it’s all to do with numbers and personally i think its disingenuous to agree to work with a company when you know you’ve bought followers. I follow so many bloggers who don’t have huge numbers who have amazing blogs, their posts are amazingly written, their photography is amazing and their editing skills is something to be envious of - however they aren’t offered the same opportunities because of their following.

Honestly i commend anyone who daily blogs or sticks to a specific schedule because it’s a lot of work. Blogging isn’t just writing up a post - it involves a lot more than i first thought. There’s taking & editing photos, actually thinking of ideas for posts and planning them, editing your posts and the one that surprised me most (and i’m not sure why) is how much promotion you have to do - i tend to tweet about my posts if i have a new one twice or three times a week - which is probably why my numbers have dropped - however people tend to post about them a lot more, which i really need to start doing. I also promote my new posts on my instagram - on my stories and a post. I haven’t yet made a facebook page for my blog as i’m still a little nervous to do so, but theres also that side of it too - promoting your facebook page and adding your posts to that.

Blogging takes up a lot more time than i expected it to, mainly for the reasons i listed above. When i first started blogging i tried to set myself a schedule however due to work and uni i wasn’t able to always keep to a schedule.

What are some things you’ve learned since you started blogging?

xo Bettie Karen