Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Harry Styles, Live On Tour | Manchester

I can now say that i have been to heaven and it consists of Harry Styles on stage in a fancy Alexander McQueen suit singing one direction and his own solo songs with a bit of Fleetwood Mac thrown in.

Harry is back on his home terf and didn’t waste any time in making sure we all had the most amazing, safe & inclusive night we could have hoped for. 
I have been a fan of Harry since the beginning of One Direction on The X Factor and whilst I admit I was a little heartbroken when they announced they were disbanding and going on a hiatus, seeing them all persue their solo careers has become such an amazing feeling, it’s been nice to hear all their solo material as they all do have different sounds.
Harry’s support act was Mabel, who I wasn’t too sure who she was until she performed and there was a couple of songs i recognised, she also sang Coldplay’s Fix You. I’d definitely say she’s gained a fan from my side. 
When Harry came on stage as you can imagine the arena went wild. 
He has such an amazing presence on stage, he’s one hundred and ten percent made for the stage and to perform and entertain people. Even his talking inbetween songs showed what a showman he is and how much he belongs up there. We witnessed it whilst he was in One Direction, however without four other people to bounce off and just the audience it’s a lot more obvious.
The most beautiful and special part of the night was when Harry sang Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart which he himself wrote and later give to Ariana Grande. 
"The next song we’re going to play I wrote it a couple of years ago and it's always meant a lot to me. But tonight I think it means so much more than it ever has before being in this room means so much more than it ever has before. I thank you so much for being with me here tonight." - Harry whilst introducing Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart.
Whilst he sang the crowd raised their signs which was a project organised by fans with the 22 on them and the Ariana bunny ears logo which has become representative of our love and solidarity after what happened in rememberance of those who we lost but not only to remember them, to show solidarity and support to everyone who was effected by what happened. I’m aware that some fans who were at the arena on that awful night were also there last night, so I hope they felt safe and loved knowing we were all there for them. It was definitely an incredibly emotional moment within the arena, but a beautiful way of showing solidarity and remembering all those we lost and those who continue to deal with the effects of that night.
Harry sang his whole album, but not only that he sang The Chain by Fleetwood Mac which is one of my absolute favourite songs, What Makes You Beautiful, Stockholm Syndrome and If I Could Fly which are all songs from One Direction albums. There is a song of Harry’s which isn’t on his album which he also performed called Medicine and i am demanding that he releases the studio version asap. It’s such a bop and having seen videos prior to last night of him performing it at other shows of his, its become one of my favourites. So yeah, i’m going to need a studio version of that. Harry closed the show with Kiwi which is my favourite song off his album and truely was the perfect way to end the night on a high. 
I had an incredible night. The room felt so full with love - from every corner of the arena.
xo Bettie Karen