Thursday, 26 April 2018

The HUJI App 

I noticed a few people were posting pictures with the effect this app produces on your photos however I just assumed it was some Photoshop editing or a big fancy camera they were using and of course I don’t have either of those so I didn't bother asking but then my girl Melissa posted a picture with the same effects on her Instagram story so I had to ask her how she did it and thats when she introduced me to HUJI. 

I absolutely love this app. I think it gives your photos a sort of edgey retro look. You know when you were younger and you’d use a digital camera, or maybe your parents would and it would have the date at the bottom of the picture thats what it reminds me of.
If you don’t want the random lights on your photos but still want to use the app for the colours and the date that it adds to your photos you can choose to turn them off. 

I think this app has blown up pretty quickly especially within the blogosphere, but I wanted to do a post about it because its something i’m completely loving at the moment and for anyone who’s also be wondering how people are getting their photos like these. I think i've pretty much told everyone I know about this app and recommended it to them.

For a free app I think its totally worth downloading, I haven’t experienced any issues or problems with it since I started using it, the only downfall for me is that I wish you could upload pictures taken on your regular phone camera to it to get the effects but you can’t. 

I’m giving this app 5 stars

Have you downloaded this app yet? What’re your thoughts on it? 

xo Bettie Karen