Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Love Island 2018

Yes, It's back. Last week Love Island returned to our screens and I am all already hooked and invested in this series. I hadn't ever watched Love Island until last year, I was one of those people who judged it before I'd even watched one episode, however having seen all the hype over it last year about six or seven episodes in I decided to watch what I'd missed on catch up and then that was that, I was obsessed, so I was extremely excited for the new series to start last week.

Last Monday we welcomed eleven new singletons into our lives and homes, and I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on the series so far.
When they released the identity of who would be going into the villa this year I already had my eye on one boy who I knew I'd love to watch all summer and that was Niall, as soon as the information was out there I followed him on Instagram and was routing for him. 
Niall coupled up with Kendall at first, which I will admit I wasn't too sure about, I was watching them interact and to me although Kendall has said herself she liked him and he brought out her fun side, I didn't really see them as compatible. Then 'Mr Oily Snake' as Niall called him Adam had to choose a girl to couple up with once everyone had already coupled up and he chose Kendall, which left Niall on his own and honestly seeing his reaction to that made me want to fly over there and give him a big cuddle. We barely know Niall yet as he has only been on our screens for a week however from what we do know, he definitely is my type on paper. He's good looking which is obvious to anyone with eyes, he has a good sense of humour, he's fun and also he likes Harry Potter which for me is a huge bonus because I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.

*I wrote this the day before we got told Niall had left the villa but I thought I'd keep it in because these were my genuine thoughts on Niall*

Having found out Niall had left the villa I was absolutely gutted, it was actually my mum who told me because I'd been out all day and not really checked twitter and she said Niall had left but when I asked are you sure it's Niall and not Eyal she said I don't know, I think Niall, of course I was hoping it wasn't him, but it was and I'm sad.
Samira ended up coupling up with Alex, by no choice of their own. I will openly admit no one stepping forward for Alex made me so sad. He's a good looking guy and he seems to genuine and caring, I mean him being a doctor shows that he must have a caring nature. I wasn't a huge fan of how Samira treated Alex at first but after Sunday night's episode she seems to be opening up to him more and giving him a chance, not romantically but in a friendly way. Can I also just say how incredibly sweet I thought it was that in the recoupling on Friday, Alex chose Samira again because he thought she deserved to stay on the island and to find someone. I really hope that someone comes into the villa that  Alex likes, who likes him back. He deserves it.  
There's two people in the villa who I cannot stand and I'm hoping they don't end up in the villa for the duration of this series. Adam is the type of guy you'd think is good looking on a night out but once you got to know him you'd be looking for the nearest exit, which he is, he's good looking but that's as far as his positive qualities go. He used Kendall's insecurities against her and had her apologising for them, but then went and did exactly what she was worried he would do. He called time on them then in the next minuet he had his tongue down new girl Rosie's throat. I understand that this is what Love Island is about, finding someone who's one hundred percent your type but I think there's a way of going about it and he just slithered his way out of Kendall's arms and straight into Rosie's. The other person I can't stand is Hayley and I do think most of the viewers of this years love island will say the same. She's just so awful. She treats Eyal like crap, even after he picked to re couple with her and basically saved her ass from being dumped from the villa, she went to Wes and Laura and bitched about him.
If you had asked me before last night's episode what I thought of Eyal I would've told you I thought he was a sweet guy and was hoping he'd find his Mrs right in there, but after last nights episode all I'm going to say is, he's a sleazy snake. I'm glad Alex stood up for himself though and told him that he was out of order.
I'm not massively sure about Wes and Laura at the moment. I like Wes, I think he seems like a decent guy and seems to genuinely like Laura, however I'm not sure if Laura is on the same level, there's something I can't really put my finger on as to why but I'm still not sure about Laura's genuine intentions with Wes. I mean all it took was for Wes to tell his friend that Hayley had bitched about him despite being nice to his face, which any decent friend would do and Laura went mental at him.
Ahhhh Dani and Jack. I think these two are my favourite couple at the moment. Everyone knows who she is, yes she's Danny Dyer's daughter. She does remind me of her dad a lot, with some of her mannerisms and the way she says things sometimes and I kind of love that. She really seems such a nice, caring young women who is on the show for the right reasons. Jack 'the pen seller' does seem to really like Dani and I do think currently they are the strongest couple in the villa and I hope that they stay that way, they had a little bump in the road after Dani found out Jack had cheated in the past which of course is understandable, I think any woman would be a bit dubious about getting involved with a man who had cheated on his past two girlfriends, however they're back on and I do hope they make it work inside and outside of the villa.
Georgia entered the villa late with Rosie and she ended up coupling up with Niall, as I said with Wes and Laura, I'm still not one hundred percent sure if they will go the distance but for the time being they seem to be having fun and enjoying their time together. We all know Rosie wanted Adam as soon as she entered the villa and she got what she wanted, at the cost of Kendall being dumped.
My opinion on Rosie has massively changed since last night, that woman is amazing. I was shook to my very core when she gathered everyone around the table and called Adam out on his snakey shitty behaviour right in front of everyone else.
We have two new boys and a new girl who have entered the villa on Sunday night. I love Megan so much already lets just get that clear and I won't be mad if she picks Eyal, he's played her like a fiddle and we've all been there and fallen for that bull, however I hope she does pick Alex. I don't really have any opinions as such on Josh and Charley yet, we don't know them well enough yet for me to form an opinion on them, they seem like nice guys and Josh is definitely a bit of me, as they islanders like to say. 
Are you watching Love Island this year? What're you're thoughts?
xo Bettie Karen