Monday, 11 June 2018

V - REV | Manchester

Calling all vegans and vegetarians if you’re from Manchester or are ever visiting you definitely need to visit V-Rev. Before me and my best friend went to see Fall Out Boy in March we went to V-Rev in Manchester city centre for food. We’ve been there a couple times before and ever since I've been eager to go back.

 In case you haven’t guessed this is an all vegan diner and is also dog friendly, so you can take your little pal there with you as well if you wish, they also have a notice board filled with pictures of pets that have visited them which I love looking at every time I go there.
 I ordered the Mac & Cheez, which is just vegan macaroni cheese topped with garlic panko breadcrumbs and fresh chives, with a side order of the Poutine loaded fries and it was absolutely insane. My best friend ordered a 'chicken burger' which they which they have two options for, there's the Kenan and Kale and the South West of Heaven , if you're not fancying a chicken burger you could have one of the three different versions of the 'beef' burger which they have, the Whopper Flocka Flame, Barbecute Without The E and The Donut Have A Cow Man . She also ordered a side of the Buffalo Fries.
They have so many options on the menu, from the burgers, to salads, to sandwiches, to soup, to the mac & cheez what I had, to plenty of side orders or small plates that you can have as just a snack if you're not massively hungry. They also serve desserts too if you fancy a little something after your meal.
I'm honestly obsessed with this place and I wish I could go there more often but sadly I'm not always in the centre of Manchester so I can't. I would recommend that if you wish to visit to book yourself a table as it is extremely popular so there's no guarantee that you will get a table if you don't book. All you need to do is go to their websites click at the top where the three lines are on the left hand side the click about and you'll see the book a table option there, you can also take a look look at their menu online as well. 
Overall I would give V Rev five stars, their food is incredible and their staff are extremely friendly and so welcoming.
20- 26 Edge Street
Manchester City Centre M4 1HN
If you visit V Rev or have been before I'd love to know what you think, leave a comment below or you can tweet me.
xo Bettie Karen