Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Youngblood | 5SOS Review

It's been three long years since we've heard new music from these aussie babes and it feels like we've been waiting forever, but finally we have the new album and I'm totally obsessed with it. 5 Seconds Of Summer released their third studio album on the 15th June and as soon as the clock hit 12 am I immediately saved it to my Spotify and listened to it.
They released Youngblood as a single on the 12th April so I had already heard the first song on the album, and yes I was obsessed with that as soon as I heard it, it's such a bop. It become part of my daily playlist very quickly.
This album sounds so mature, compared to their earlier ones. I mean I expected it to sound more mature, due to them not being teenage kids anymore but I was still shocked. They could've stuck to their old sound and carried on with that to please their fans however they haven't they've evolved as a band and have grown as each one of them has. I would definitely say it's a different sound to what we've heard from them before, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, it's always good to evolve and grow as a band, I mean you have to, to keep yourselves happy and to keep the band together. Having said that I still think some of the songs on the album have the 5sos stamp that we all know and love on it.
I found myself getting 80s sort of vibes from some of the songs on the album and the more I listen to it, the more I pick up on it. I think my favourite song on the album is definitely Meet You There. There's also a song on the album called Ghost Of You which gives me Amnesia vibes a song from their self titled 2014 album.
The album consists of sixteen songs:
Want You Back
Lie To Me
Talk Fast
Moving Along
If Walls Could Talk
Better Man
Why Wont You Love Me
Woke Up In Japan
Empty Wallets
Ghost Of You
Monster Among Men
Meet You There
The album definitely gets 5*'s from me. I've listened to it every day since it's release if not twice or three times a day.
Have you heard it yet, what are your thoughts?
xo Bettie Karen